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Friday, June 21, 2019

Chapter 15 - "Portfolio Update - Strong Month" $126,511 (+$6,390)

G'day! What is scarn on? Hope you have all been well. I thought I would just throw out another monthly update to keep you all in the loop.

Life Update – Skip this section if you don’t care

It has been a pretty uneventful month. My contract at work is finishing up in 3 months so I am going to start looking around very shortly. I checked in with my boss just to give her the heads up and remain as transparent as possible. 

She was once again very supportive. I’ve been pretty lucky in this regard. I’ve made a couple of mistakes at work lately; and it has been stressing me out a fair bit as I am really invested in this role.

The wife got a new job at a medical clinic on a rate of $25 per hour at a casual rate. Pretty bloody shit for the work they put in, but hey, we are grateful she has a job. She also has made pretty good friends with some of the staff there, so she appears to be enjoying herself. She does however seem to be more determined to finish her Nursing degree. She has completed 5 of 24 units at this stage.

Apart from work, I recently went down to Melbourne for some on campus requirements at Monash University. It was bloody freezing! I don’t own many jumpers, so I had to borrow some warm clothes from my father and cousin.

Unfortunately, I picked up some lice in my head while I was down there too. The itch became so overpowering that I suspected I was infected! I got some heavy-duty shampoo and exterminated them quick smart! Disclaimer: It is completely gone now! 

I attempted to pin it on my dad, and my mum was in shock. She is an absolute clean freak! I thought it was pretty funny ha ha. Any opportunity to cause a bit of fun controversy! 

In regard to my son and his school, he is finding it a bit hard. A random boy from his school called me and my wife ‘dumb’, not sure if he knew about my previous investment decisions, but my son wasn’t too happy and pushed his head. Bless him for his loyalty. 

Got the old phone call and had to have a sit down with the fella. It was sweet his loyalty, but maintained it was not the solution when dealing with trolls!

Alright - down to business. The numbers. That is what we all want to hear about yeah? 


Portfolio Value as of 21/6/2019: $79, 376 (+$4,220).

I received a dividend from UOS for the amount of $107.48.

I expect to receive a dividend from ANZ on the 1/7/2019.


Nissan X-Trail: $4,700 ($1,300) – Interest Rate 12%

Father Phil: $700 – No payment was made this month as my father paid 50% towards flights for my son this coming school holidays to stay in Melbourne from Darwin. The tickets were approximately $800. 

Grateful my father helped me out here to send my son down so he can spend time with the family. 

Net Worth Update

Total: $126,511 (+$6,390

Break Down  
Shares: $79,376
Super: $52,535
Debt: $5,400

It was a pretty strong month. It was mostly thanks to the election win and the all ords being at multi year highs. Will the bull market continue? No flipping idea. I shall keep chipping away for the next 15-20 years and see what happens. If all fails, we shall be eating healthy dhal and rice every day! 

Cheers and have a good weekend! 

Disclaimer: I have an extremely poor track record with picking individual shares. I also do not have the ability to digest complex financial reports to make informed decisions around buying into individual shares. Also, the information on this website is general information and should not be taken as financial advise. I am simply documenting my journey and experience. I am also not a licensed Financial Adviser. You should also seek independent legal, financial, taxation and other advise that relates to your unique circumstances. The Incompetent Investor is not liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, the information provided directly or indirectly, by use of this website. 

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