About - The Incompetent Investor


I was medically discharged from the army and have lived with chronic pain for 7 years now. Fortunately, I continue to work in the Caring Sector as this is a big passion of mine. In respect to my investing career, I have unfortunately had some expensive lessons. A lot of it came down to my ignorance, maturity, and arrogance. To me, the 30 year mark to the 40 year mark is a big deal.

I hope to bolster down my finances to be in a better place financially. Financial Independence to me is not about jetting across the world and enjoying food and wine from other beautiful cultures, it is being financially independent so I do not have to rely on other agencies and people to dictate my financial security.

Above all, I hope to be a provider for my family. I am 31 years old, married, with a boy (second child under negotiation) and 3 animals. I have made many financial mistakes over the years and I intend to share my experiences.

Finally, I will track my progress towards financial independence to perhaps encourage and motivate others to become more frugal with their money to improve their quality of life. I believe in a dividend investing approach which can be left as a legacy towards a passion of mine (equality, racism, disability and more) when I leave this earth. Children, if you are reading this one day, don't worry, I will leave some for you :-).